• Why Does Your Company Exist? Brand That Before How and What

    It’s refreshing to rewatch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” The lesson of first communicating why you do what you do, before how or what, is convincing. We’re barraged with messages online, and our filters are thick. Why has the best chance of getting through. Just be sure the how and what are worth […]

  • Duolingo.com: Learn a Language, Translate the Web, for Free

    In this TED video, Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon introduces Duolingo.com, a free online language tutorial site that (in the background) uses your quiz answers to help translate the web. Massive online collaboration. Along the way, von Ahn explains reCAPTCHA – those two-word “type the mangled words to prove you’re a human” tests found on […]

  • A First Look at Medium.com

    Medium.com is in beta launch, allowing posts from friends and family and inviting reader reactions via Twitter sign-ins. The intro page describes it as a new platform for sharing stories and ideas. It’s longer-form than Twitter and organized into collections, by topic. So far, the design is very readable – gray-on-gray and all text (no […]

  • John Battelle’s “Musings on ‘Streams’ and the Future of Magazines”

    John Battelle muses on the shift from page-based content (magazines, blogs, and similarly grouped content) to streams of aggregated content. What’s lost is that experience of consuming one publisher’s meal – instead, we stream a mishmash of snacks. That “page-based content” experience has value – editing and designing a publication is an art – but […]