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  • Photos: Aaron Hobson’s Google Street Views

    Check out Aaron Hobson’s brilliant portfolio of Google Street View shots taken around the world, in “enchanted and remote lands” typically only seen by locals.  Such a great idea!  http://aaronhobson.com/gsv.html (h/t thenextweb.) thenextweb: Check out the full collection of photos on Aaron’s site. (via Photos Taken by Google Street View Cameras) (Source: http://aaronhobson.com/gsv1.html)

  • On Entrepreneur.com: My Roundup of Four Gas Price Apps

    On Entrepreneur.com, I wrote a roundup of four apps that help you save money on gas, based on your location. Here’s the grain of salt: “Unfortunately, these apps won’t point you to free gas or truly cheap gas — only gas fairies can do that.” Let me know if you’ve had luck with these (GasBuddy, […]

  • iPad Launch: My Two Cents

    I do some editing and copywriting for a computer-book publisher, Pragmatic Bookshelf, but I was pleasantly surprised when its magazine editor, Michael Swaine, asked me to comment on the iPad for PragPub magazine, just a day after Steve Jobs’ announcement. Click here to visit the PragPub Website. “This is an Age-of-Aquarius moment for publishing,” I […]